Book Three, Profit and Loss

Pages (Print Edition): 108
Publisher: Bruce Davis
eBook, Paperback
Genre: Science Fiction
Reading Level: Y/A, Crossover
ISBN-10: 1512348015


The Profit was living up to her name for the first time since Zack Mbele had stolen her from the Martian Navy in the chaos at the end of the Reunification War.

He was earning a good living for his crewmates, and himself, and it was all honest money. It was what Cleo had always wanted – a home built on a stable business. Zack once thought it was what he wanted, too. So why did it chafe on him so?

On Highpoint after a successful charter job, Zack decides to look up Akira Kensai, an old acquaintance. But Akira is dead and his brother, Tanaka Kensai, turns to Zack for help in solving the mystery of his death. When people start dying, Zack realizes the plot is bigger than just the death of one honest man, especially when Zack’s old enemy, Kwai Hong is involved.

Meanwhile, Deuce rediscovers an old lover. Grace is now a torch singer in a high class bar on Highpoint’s Promenade. But Deuce knows her from old and still loves her, even if her past is full of hidden dangers.


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Profit and Loss novel by Bruce Davis